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VIEWDELTA PRESS is here to amuse you, and perhaps to enable you to learn a little more while amusing you. We believe that greater understanding can lead to better working together, and that humour can lead to greater understanding. Also, at times you have to laugh or you’d cry.

Our books and music

New! The Compilation “Britannia Waives the Rules” in a bumper paperback or hardback

The individual books

“Brexit’s a Trick Not a Treat”

Almost all the pieces in this book were written for people’s enjoyment during 2016-19.
Examples include “Brexitian Fantasy”,
“Don’t Cry for Leave Now Theresa”, “Knowing me, Knowing EU”, “Brexit Pie”, “”Try a Yellow Hammer Round the Whole Country”, “I am the Very Model of a Prejudiced Etonian” , “I Dreamed a Dream”

Brexit Musical

The full-scale Brexit musical .

This book also includes the extraordinary events of Autumn 2019 – right up to the General Election.

You can also buy a CD or USB with more than twenty songs from “Brexit’s a Musical Trick”

Covid-19 Musical

Where to start for 2020?
We had “Getting Brexit Done” supposedly. We had lockdown. We had confusion. We had no PPE, We had the long drive out of bounds without penalty, and the “Tell All (not quite)” session in the Rose Garden. We had opening schools again, or not. We had changes of rules. We had bargain-price peerages. Every one of these is commemorated in song.
You can also buy a CD or USB with more than twenty songs from “I Don;t Beg Pardon”


Dillie Keane , “Fascinating Aida”
“Very witty”

Lord Michael Cashman (no relation), on “Brexit’s a Trick, Not a Treat?”
‘This book is a chance to howl in laughter instead of anger. A laser-like humorous side swipe at the Brexit madness.’  

From Sunday Times, 2020

● You’ve had the test, now enjoy the songs. The satirist Mike Cashman, who last week launched a crowdfunding appeal to record his latest work, Brexit’s a Musical Trick, is already thinking about Coronavirus: The Musical. “It might be considered poor taste,” he says, “but songs can lampoon aspects of how it has been handled.” Anybody know a rhyme for nosocomial?

● Not content with his pioneering work in optics, it appears that Dominic Cummings is also catnip to song writers. Mike Cashman, who wrote a musical about Brexit, has penned Stand by Your Dom and The Ballad of Dom and Bojo. Both are available online, as is Song for Dominic Cummings by Fascinating Aida’s Dillie Keane.

From Sunday Times, 27 October 2019

ValBoris dreams a dream of Brexit

Who’d have thought Brexit would so inspire the musical theatre world? After Brexit: The Musical and Now That’s What I Call Brexit, another show is on the way. The author Michael Cashman will include the script in a sequel to his book of satirical verses, Brexit’s a Trick Not a Treat?
“The musical begins with ValBoris,” he explains, “who is struggling under a great injustice because all his life he has not been Prime Minister.”

The best thing to come out of Brexit

Hugh Grant retweeting the video of “I am the very model of a prejudiced Etonian”


WHAT ELSE? A treasure trove from the past
Mike Cashman writes “Ian D Chessman was the pseudonym for a novelist, poet and playwright, who wrote extensively for the medical press, and had some imaginative plays on radio, translated into many languages and broadcast across Europe.. This was my late father, Denis Cashman (The pseudonym is an anagram).”

“He wrote a the funniest book I have ever read, A Touch of the Guggins and I have the typescript – for example.
It might be a pretty tenuous contact with Rick to house her cousin’s friend’s wife’s mother’s piano in his lavatory, but it was better than nothing

Would you like to read more? We’ll see if this novel can reach the light of day in 2020-21
Some of his plays and songs could follow.

And Mike goes on “And I have another story – this one set in Birkenhead in the 1890’s onwards, telling the story of my great-grandparents’ romance and my grandmother’s childhood. I aim to combine this with some tracing of their family history that I have done running back through a few generations in Ireland and 1000 years of English history. (Most of their ancestors are Irish, but the English line is more traceable). “This will provide some background to “A Stuff That Will Endure”

All of Viewdelta profits that arise from each book sold from 1st March 2020 onwards will be devoted to funding coronavirus charity actions in the UK or the world, such as are organised by registered charities such as WorldVision UK, Centrepoint, Disasters Emergency Committee
This redirection of profits will continue at least until the coronavirus pandemic is declared to be over, at which point other charities may be considered.

Viewdelta Press is the self-publishing business owned by Mike Cashman
Mike Cashman acted as a Principal of Milton Keynes Coronavirus Community Support Group during its setup in March 2020, and underwrote the start-up costs of leaflets and website.
Mike Cashman has been employed from time to time by WorldVision UK including April-May 2020 for some work on coronavirus grant-funded response actions in Africa,


All I have is a voice
To undo the folded lie,
The romantic lie in the brain
Of the sensual man-in-the-street
And the lie of Authority
Whose buildings grope the sky …

“1st September 1939 ” by W. H. Auden

We don’t claim to be politically neutral. We are rather keen on the truth, and that has caused us to reject the words of some figures who appear to us to be untrustworthy.
When we take off the “Humour Hat” and consider these issues form a fully serious perspective, we sometimes write on Quora or on http://www.viewdelta.blogspot.com. Any comments on those blogs belong with those blogs. 
Those who voted the opposite way to us include friends and family, who continue to be friends and family. We may have strong views, but we seek to understand their views too. We believe a little humour may help. 


VIEWDELTA PRESS is an independent publisher set up initially to publish “Brexit’s a Trick, not a Treat”

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