Augusta Lees

  • Mike Cashman writes
    Augusta has a tremendous talent for satire, with a combination of empathy for audience, contempt for politicians, deadpan delivery and very witty asides which combine to make a virtuoso satire performance. This is all underpinned by a clearly excellent musical talent that she uses to great effect to get the best out of songs – songs she has written, I have written or joint efforts. She has an ear for what will work as a satirical song and always delivers a performance that is wickedly funny. I am looking forward to sharing more of her work in our new book “It’s My Party and I’ll Lie if I Want to”

Mike Cashman

Lead Author

Mike Cashman writes and videos serious and satirical items on our politics. He is married with four children and twelve grandchildren. After a career in project and programme management, he worked for an international development charity for many years, and saw first-hand the effects of the damage to sterling from the Brexit events.

Mike is not to be confused with Lord Michael Cashman (previously an MEP) – who does however love “Brexit’s a Trick not a Treat”.

Robin Wallington

Conductor/ Composer
Author of “I am the very model of a prejudice Etonian”

Robin is a versatile English conductor/composer with a reputation for dynamic performances across a wide range of contemporary and established repertoire.
At the very last minute we signed Robin up as a co-author – after the cover had been finalised His lyrics had already been shared thousands of times on Facebook, and more recently the video was viewed 90,000 times on YouTube

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