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Are you looking for a speaker or a panellist for your event?
Brexit’s a Musical Trick” CD / USB ♪
I Don’t Beg Pardon” CD / USB ♪
Public Comments on our Previous Books
Some Amazon Reviews of our books

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Viewdelta Press and Charity

“It’s My party and I’ll Lie if I Want to” front cover and spine
“It’s My party and I’ll Lie if I Want to” back cover and spine

Are you looking for a speaker or a panellist for your event?

We can offer any of the following.

A Selection of Brexit Fantasies, e.g.

  • “The British people are happy with Brexit”
  • “Remainers are to blame for Brexit”
  • The EU hasn’t accepted Brexit”
  • “We got Brexit Done on 31 January 2020”

“Your Questions” – Panel discussion responding to your questions which can include Mike Cashman, Lord Toritori, and Mr Curtis Lee-Smugg.

(Solo presentations are also available, with Question & Answer sessions)

The ABC of political incompetence (Afghanistan, Brexit, Covid)

The Art of Comic Song Parody

Parody Creation – interactive workshop

Bottom of the Class – what the Government could learn from studying business basics

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But we are now also using #BritanniaWaivesTheRules as the main hashtag.


If you want to contact us (e.g. to request a talk or a workshop, or to discuss a possible co-operation), please see the contact options on the website.

If you would like to comment on our published content then we recommend using the Facebook page.

“Britannia Waives the Rules”

We have had some book-specific Facebook pages

“Brexit’s a Musical Trick”

“I Don’t Beg Pardon” / “Covid 19 Musical”

but are now concentrating on a single page as above.

Twitter:  @MikeCashman1

YouTube Channel

“Britannia Waives the Rules”

“Brexit’s a Musical Trick” CD / USB

On one CD you can enjoy all these songs.

Act 1 (Camerine)

Do or Die?

We Know What We’re Voting For

Hasty Referendum

What Have I Done?

Act 2 (Theryline)

At the End of The Day We Have Need of a Leader

What Have We Here, Oh You Closet Remainer?

Lovely Tax Breaks

Master of The Spiel

In My Life

A Poll Full of Votes

Labour People

One’s Mascot

Leave and Remain – Led By Donkeys

Do You See the People March?

One Day More at Chequers

On My Own

An Agreement Running to 585 pages

A Little Vote of Pain

Act 3 (Boris ValBoris)

Bring Him In

Help Us Out

I Dreamed a Dream

Empty Houses, Empty Benches

There Was a Wise Lady Who Tackled a Lie (poem)

Who is this Man?

Ain’t It a Laugh?

Failure Doesn’t Matter in the Past

Brexit’s a Musical Trick


Boris Valboris ….. Leon Berger
Govert………………John Asher
Voters……………….Cast members
Rees-Moggi………..John Asher
Camerine…………..John Asher
Blackscot…………. John Asher
Grievous……………John Asher
Theryline………….Zena Wigram
Faragier……………Fred Cashman
Widdy………………Helga Perry
Corboche………….John Asher
Led By Donkeys…Leon Berger   & John Asher
One……………….Zena Wigram
Crosbi……………Marston York
David Davine……John Asher
Theryline (On My Own).. Rachel Ashley
Gavini………………Fred Cashman
Torines…………….Georgy Holden & cast members
Cunnings…………John Asher
Poem readers……..Zena Wigram (Wise Lady) & Mike Cashman

I Don’t Beg Pardon” CD / USB

On one CD you can enjoy all these songs from a number of artists.

Boris Has Got a Little List Leon Berger
Stay in Your House or FlatPeter & Abi Cashman, Simon Cragg
Ill with Covid Leon Berger & Selwyn Tillett
Interlude A Lock Down Shakespeare 
Mike Cashman, Georgy Holden,
The Ballad of Dom & BojoAndrew Bowes
Barnard Castle, Dom’s DittyFred Cashman
I Don’t Beg Pardon, I’m Talking Bollocks from the Rose GardenMel Moon
Stand By Your Dom Mel Moon
Interlude B – Lockdown Shakespeare:  HENRY V, HAMLET 
Things that Will Astonish YouLeon Berger & Selwyn Tillett
Man Up, Mask Up, Protect Another LifeThabani Dube
ACT THREE, continued 
A Song of Idiotic Prejudice Leon Berger & Selwyn Tillett
Heroes, Just for One Day Mel Moon
Interlude C – Adapted Shakespeare: WHEN SHALL WE 3 TWEET AGAIN?Rachel Swan
Brexitian FantasyLucia da Paiva Kynch
I’m Just a Girl who Can’t Say NoZena Wigram
Onward Brexit No-Dealers Zena Wigram & Leon Berger
Port-A-LooCarole Williams
Britannia Waives the RulesZena Wigram & Roger Knight
Interlude D – Lock Down Shakespeare
The Virus Cometh Leon Berger & Selwyn Tillett
The Archers Comment  David Rees
Lords of Delight Leon Berger & Selwyn Tillett
Kent ConvoyPatrick Hart
Public Inquiry NightmareLeon Berger

Public Comments on our Previous Books

 ‘This book is a chance to howl in laughter instead of anger. A laser-like humorous side swipe at the Brexit madness.’  

Lord Michael Cashman (no relation), on
“Brexit’s a Trick, Not a Treat?”

 “The best thing to come out of Brexit 

Hugh Grant retweeting the YouTube video of
“I am the very model of a prejudiced Etonian”

ValBoris dreams a dream of Brexit;
Who’d have thought Brexit would so inspire the musical theatre world? ……….. The author Mike Cashman will include the script in a sequel to his book of satirical verses, “Brexit’s a Trick Not a Treat”? “The musical begins with ValBoris,” he explains, “who is struggling under a great injustice because all his life he has not been Prime Minister.”

Sunday Times, “Atticus” 27 October 2019

“Very Witty “

Dillie Keane, “Fascinating Aida”

Some Amazon Reviews of our books


Great book for Remainers or Leavers!

This very clever and amusing book is a welcome relief from all the misery of Brexit. Doesn’t matter whether you are a Remainer or Leaver – just sing along and enjoy with friends and family!


Ideal Christmas gift!

Brilliant! A witty and entertaining book, this would make an ideal Christmas present for those ‘hard to buy’ for people. Takes some of the animosity out of the Brexit situation.
Well done!


Has you singing along

A fresh and enjoyable approach to Brexit. Very well written parodies of well-known songs that have you singing along.



Very clever, very funny.  A much-needed lighter take on Brexit.
Highly recommended!


The inspirations for this material come from the antics of the public figures concerned, the brilliant original songs, and also from interactions online – recognised above in many cases.

It’s also right to recognise the role of journalists, campaigning groups and in some cases public servants who have helped to make public what should be known. But for them we might never have known the extent of the Covid supplies corruption or the extent of Partygate.  Commentary from many has been hard-hitting and to the point.  Perhaps special mention is due of the Good Law Project for their research and legal actions, Led By Donkeys for superb videos, the National Rejoin March for excellent grass-roots-based organisation, and Sixteen Million Rising weekly radio show for indefatigable broadcasting of uncomfortable truths.

ViewDelta Press and Charity

ViewDelta Press has made the commitment that ViewDelta’s net profit from our books will be donated to UK registered charities.

One way in which we do this is to provide author copies of our books free of charge to charities to sell at their events.

If you would like your charity to sell author copies of our books and to retain the full takings from the sale of the books, please get in touch via the website

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