Brexit’s a Trick, not a Treat?

Why this book?

The absurdities and contradictions of our politics first motivated me, in 2016, to highlight them in song.

Perhaps we all need to lighten up a little. There are serious matters to deal with, but can we also see the funny side?

If we can look at real events with some amusement as well as fervent support or opposition, then perhaps, in our dialogue, we may see some more smiles and fewer frowns.

Public lies can be funny. They can also be tragic and damaging, but still funny based on the “You have to laugh or you’d cry” principle. There are those who feel that “Remain lied too”, and so there is a song just for them.  But this book is my personal reaction to events, and at times my own guesswork as to our leaders’ thoughts. Don’t take it too seriously.

Is our situation serious? Yes. The five lines of “Brexit’s a Trick, not a Treat” sum this up, and make this the title song. Like other pieces, it is intended to inform as well as amuse.

Not everything is a song or a poem, and not all the pieces are about Brexit. That’s bonus material.

This collection includes a brilliant guest contribution, “I am the Very Model of a Prejudiced Etonian”, from the talented Robin Wallington.

We hope you enjoy this book. And for those who have expressed their appreciation when some of these individual items have been shared, thank you.

Mike Cashman

September 2019

Available in paperback and ebook ( ,mobi and .epub)

Where I have adapted a well-known song, I have included the name of the original song, though I expect most are obvious.  It is pleasing how often an original fits so well, and “Maggie May” is my favourite in this respect. My thanks go to the talented original writers and performers.

The original lyrics (for each song I have imitated) and recordings of it should be available online in most cases. For most songs the words here should match the tune exactly, so you should be able to karaoke them if you would like to. Occasionally I have included an extra verse or two compared to the original.

We hope you enjoy reading and singing the pieces from this book

Here is video guidance to the content of this book (though the still image it has given us is referring to the sequel…)

The Full Contents


Click the link to see the contents on Amazon. The Full Contents list is longer than the song list below because not all items are songs.
If the link does not work for any reason, search on Amazon for “Brexit’s a Trick not a Treat”

There are plenty of songs in the book – ranging from musicals, pop classics e.g. from Beatles, Abba and Rolling Stones, familiar carols, two Geordie favourites. Below are the songs from “Brexit’s a Trick, not a Treat”, in chronological order.

======= BREXIT’S A TRICK, NOT A TREAT: ==========The songs
(There are other items too, but this list of songs was prepared for those who might wish to make a video or sound recording)

Each line has our adapted title (and then in brackets the original song)

Brexitian Fantasy (Bohemian Rhapsody)

Our Way (My Way)

Brexit Cokey (Hokey Cokey)

Join Our Side (She Loves You)

You’re in EU, Going for Exit (You are Sixteen, going on Seventeen)
Now She Is A Leaver (I’m a Believer)

Knowing Me Knowing EU Knowing Me Knowing You)

EU Responds to Article 50. (I Will Survive)

Maggie May (Maggie May ) … [Theresa May calls out to Maggie Thatcher]

I Beg My Pardon (Rose Garden)

Brexit Pie (American Pie)
When the Nightmare Is Over (Lord Chancellor’s Song ) – Iolanthe

Say Goodbye Our Former Partner (When the Carnival is Over)

Where Have All of UKIP Gone? (Where Have All the flowers Gone?)

Could We Start Again Please? (Could We Start Again Please?

)Don’t Cry for Leave Now, Theresa (Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina))

Brexit Mia (Mama Mia)
Round – Like a Brexit Without Exit (The Windmills of Your Mind)

Brexit’s Coming Home – Three Lines on the Whip (Football’s Coming Home)

19th Brexit Breakdown (19th Nervous Breakdown)

Trumpet So Wide (Ticket to Ride)

It’s My Brexit and I’ll Cry if I Want to (It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want to

)I’m Just A Girl Who Cain’t Say “Go” (I’m Just A Girl Who Cain’t Say “No”) – Oklahoma

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Our Brexit? (How Do You Solve A Problem Like Our Brexit?)

Whatever Happened to The Brexit Deal? (Whatever Happened to The Likely Lads?)

Port-A-Loo (Waterloo)

Doh, We’re Here (Doh, A Deer)

Oh, Theresa First Looked Out (Good King Wenceslas)

The First No Deal (The First Noel)

Dance for the Deal (When the Boat Comes In)
Take a Chance on Me. (Take a Chance on Me.)

You’re Got Brexit, Needing an Exit (You are Sixteen, going on Seventeen)

They Said There’ll Be Deals at Brexit. (They said there’ll be Snow at Christmas)

The Many Votes of Brexit (The Twelve days of Christmas)

I Might as Well Reign until September. (I Might as Well Reign until September.)

Oh, I’ll GATT By with a Little Help from My Friends. (Oh, I’ll get by with a Little Help from My Friends.)
Ode to Misery (Ode to Joy)

The Bus with Smiling Faces (Blaydon Races)

Send in the Boris Clowns (Send in the Clowns)

Britons Never, Never, Never Shall be Fooled. (Rule Britannia.)

Onward Brexit No-Dealers (Onward Christian Soldiers)

Try A Yellow Hammer (Tie a Yellow Ribbon)
‘Till Borisma Drives The Backstop Far Away (We’ll Meet Again)

Though I’ve Listened Long Enough to You (Reason to Believe)

We’re Off to See the Cummings (We’re off to see the Wizard) – Wizard of Oz

Rees-Mogg Takes You Down (Suzanne)

I am the Very Model of a Prejudiced Etonian (I am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General) – Pirates of Penzance –

Government’s Leader Says Government’s Busy (Sylvia’s Mother)

I Dreamed a Dream (I Dreamed a Dream)


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