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To buy “Brexit’s a Trick, not a Treat?” or “Brexit’s a Musical Trick” from

If the links do not work, please search on Amazon for “Brexit’s a Trick not a Treat” (or Mike Cashman).
If you are in France, Germany, Spain, Italy USA or Japan, please search on your usual Amazon site

The ebook is also available internationally – please search at your usual provider.


Paperback ISBN – 978-1-9162486-0-1
Epub ISBN – 978-1-9162486-1-8
Mobi ISBN – 978-1-9162486-2-5


If you would like a copy of “Brexit’s a Trick, not a Treat”, please use the links above to find the paperback or ebook on Amazon.

Some people have asked if they can buy direct from us.
We can provide this service on a “best endeavours” basis:
– pricing same as Amazon
– we will need to contact you to confirm prices
– pre payment by bank-transfer only
– your packaging may be “reused” rather than new jiffy bags, but will be functional
– occasionally there may be delays in fulfilling such orders.

PLease use the contact form on the home page

Independent Bookseller

If you are an independent bookseller and would like a number of copies to resell, please contact us using the Contact Form on the Home Page.

National Bookseller

We have set up distribution arrangements via Ingram Spark so that chain booksellers can be supplied,


If you want to sell copies of the book at an event to raise funds for a UK registered charity from the profit you make, please use the form on the Home page to contact us. We will also contribute to your charity half of our publisher/author profit for the books sold.

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