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You can find all our books and music on Amazon by searching on Amazon for viewdelta – or find our music on Etsy, again by searching for viewdelta

We have:
the CD “Brexit’s a Musical Trick” – or an extended version on USB
the CD “I Don’t Beg Pardon” – or an extended version on USB
or a combined USB with both albums on one 4 GB USB stick
and we have one new book “I Don’t Beg Pardon (I’m Talking B*ll*cks from the Rose Garden)” just published
as well as
– “Brexit’s a Trick not a Treat”
= “Brexit’s a Musical Trick”

Please note that we are unable to supply CDs to countries in the European Union until trade with the EU is flowing more freely,

To buy our music and books from, or music from Etsy please use these links:


The ebook of “Brexit’s A Trick not a Treat” is also available internationally – please search at your usual provider.

The CD “Brexit’s a Musical Trick” is available on Amazon
and on Etsy:

The CD “I Don’t Beg Pardon” is available on Amazon
and on Etsy:


If you would like to buy our books please use the links above to find the paperbacks or ebook on Amazon, or buy the music on Etsy or Amazon.

Independent Bookseller

If you are an independent bookseller and would like a number of copies to resell, please contact us using the Contact Form on the Home Page.

National Bookseller

We have set up distribution arrangements via Ingram Spark so that chain booksellers can be supplied,


If you want to sell copies of the book at an event to raise funds for a UK registered charity from the profit you make, please use the form on the Home page to contact us. We will also contribute to your charity half of our publisher/author profit for the books sold.

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