Video / Audio Competition

We’re inviting you to make recordings or videos of our songs, to post to Youtube.
This could give your skills a big following, and be a lot of fun.
There are a few prizes too!

Bernadette Cagnoni and Becky Hall as the two Jacob Rees-Moggs – their imaginative performance involved a cloning of JRM, with one JRM teaching the other one how to be JRM.

Please Note

You need to “reserve” the song with us, just to avoid two groups tackling the same song.

There is no charge to reserve a song or to use the lyrics if following the Competition Rules – as listed below.

Your video going viral?

Post your audio or video to Youtube and let’s see how many views you can get.
TIP – if you have a good audio recording, the video could be simply a photo with the words – this can work!

The songs are listed on this website under “Books”. You may also ask to reserve any of the more recent songs on facebook page “Brexit’s a Trick not a Treat”, such as
– Bridge over Doubled Borders
– No-Deal Wizard
– Goodbye Speaker’s Green Chair


The Competition – Introduction

There have been 48,000 views in 3 days of the brilliant “Rees-Mogg singing extravaganza” video by Richard Black and Richard Suart, words by Robin Wallington,
“I am the very model of a prejudiced Etonian”.

This video shows the words against a relevant picture, and people loved it because of the performance and the words.

Would you like to make a video of one of the other songs, see if you can get thousands or tens of thousands of views, and win one of our prizes?

Check out our competition rules. below. See the wide list of songs to choose from. – follow the BOOK link above
People have had a lot of fun singing these – make a video and share the enjoyment!

Competition Rules

Maybe your video could go viral like the Rees-Mogg video!
This is for everyone’s enjoyment, but there are some book and cash prizes, see below.
We (Viewdelta Press) are pleased for you to make a video based on one of our songs, using our copyright lyrics, subject to a few conditions:
1. You need our permission (and to receive the full lyrics from us by email); we don’t want to have two groups working on the same song, so, if we agree, then you would have exclusive opportunity for your song, subject to completing the video within 7 days of reserving the title. (If you need a further 7 days, please ask). This is just to avoid disappointment for you. You will need to state the name and email address of the person making the competition entry, and the name(s) of singer(s) and musician(s). You can amend the names later if you need to.
(Some songs such as “Bridge Over Doubled Borders” or “Try a Yellow Hammer” may be more popular than others, so we may be able to allow longer for a “niche” song such as “I’m Just a Girl who Cain’t say ‘Go'” from ‘Oklahoma’ ).
2. To be clear, we will email you the lyrics if we are reserving a song for you to make a video from. Any video of these lyrics must use the lyrics as supplied, and must not alter, add to, or omit any of the supplied lyrics, unless by written permission of Viewdelta Press. If you do not provide a video, that’s not a problem, but the copyright permission for you to use the lyrics then lapses and you must therefore delete all copies of the lyrics (other than any copies of the book you have purchased).
3 The video must acknowledge authorship of the lyrics, and show the book cover – see the end of the Rees-Mogg video for an example – and your proposed posting on must include (in the shared online notes) acknowledgement of the authorship of the lyrics, and show the book – see the notes on the Rees-Mogg video – and the hashtag #BrexitsATrickNotATreat.
If you post a video, then you may also post links to it, provided that the links acknowledge authorship of the lyrics and the book “Brexit’s a Trick not a Treat” and include the hashtag #BrexitsATrickNotATreat
5. Ensuring that you have copyright permission for the performance video – e.g. permission from singer(s) and musician(s) is your responsibility. Our involvement from the copyright perspective is simply to grant permission, subject to these conditions, for the lyrics to be used in this way.
6. After we approve your post (and we’ll approve anything reasonable) you would have permission to share the video on a free-to-view basis on
(or any other platform,that you specify, subject to the same conditions as above).
7. The lyrics are copyright and are supplied for this purpose only, and any other use would require specific written permission from ViewDelta Press, because it would otherwise be a breach of copyright.
(Reasonable licensing fees would apply of course if you were performing the song or providing the video on a chargeable basis).
If you provide and post a video that we have approved then you can retain the lyrics as supplied, for your own reference, but not for further promulgation except as above.
8. There are plenty of songs to choose from, Some offer opportunity to show your musical talents, others have very simple tunes. Youtube beginners are welcomed, as long as you are reasonably musical. The song titles are shown under “Books” in the website.
You may want to do this just for fun, or because it will give you great visibility. But to add an extra incentive, we will award a prize of ten copies of “Brexit’s a Trick not a Treat?” for the video with the most views on Youtube as at 11pm on 31st October, and then we’ll do that again for the video with the most views as at 11 pm on 15th November (but previous winner won’t be considered for the second prize).
So that could mean some of your Christmas presents are sorted!
** Star prize – £100.**
The Rees-Mogg video has had three days already, so it could be a challenge to catch up with it.
But we will award a prize of £100 if any authorised video, based on “Brexit’s a Trick not a Treat” song, gets to 50% of the viewing of the Rees-Mogg video at 11pm on 30th November 2019 (i.e. has at least 50% of the Youtube views that the Rees-Mogg “I am the very model” video has at that date) – and if more than one reaches this level, this prize will be awarded for the video with the most Youtube views as at 11pm on 30 November 2019, Previous winners of books can win the £100 prize as well.
10. Entrants can enter more than once, but any entrant can only have one song reserved for them (pending production and posting of a video) at any one time.
11. Oh, and the small print:
A decision to enter the competition is a freely-made choice by competition entrants, musicians and singers. Viewdelta Press does not contract with any entrant to this competition to commission an entry, and has no liability for any costs incurred by the entrant in connection with their entry,
12. By applying to enter this competition you agree to be bound by the rules of the competition, as shown at the time that you apply to enter.
(We reserve the right to vary the rules if there is an obvious need, but we are not expecting to do this).

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