Covid-19 Musical

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I Don’t Beg Pardon, I’m Talking B*ll*cks from the Rose Garden
also known as “Covid-19 Musical” (triggered by a similar suggestion to us by The Sunday Times )

Act 1 (Preparation)
Interlude A – Lockdown Shakespeare
Act 2 (Expedition)

Interlude B – Adapted Shakespeare
Act 3 (Prevention )

Interlude C – Adapted Shakespeare
Act 4 (Distraction)

Interlude D – Lockdown Shakespeare
Act 5 (Congestion, Reflection, and Reward of the Undeserving)

Inspired by Gilbert & Sullivan, Flanders & Swann, Shakespeare, the Beatles, Lynn Anderson, Tammy Wynette, David Bowie, Bob Marley, The Archers, , CW McCall, Queen, Men in Black. and several musicals and traditional songs, this album offers something for all satirical musical tastes.

I Don’t Beg Pardon, (I’m Talking B*ll*cks from the Rose Garden)
also known as
Covid-19 Musical

There are some extracts below – typically about half a minute, sometimes longer – to give you an idea of what is on the whole CD/USB. In each case the song which provided musical inspiration, that we have adapted, is shown after the “/” character.
Now, ok, we have to acknowledge that Covid-19 Musical is not a fictional Musical with a consistent set of characters such as we have in “Brexit’s a Musical Trick”; nevertheless, arranging the material in a series of Acts, each with its own theme, gives a sense of the strange story of 2020. And The Sunday Times was looking to us for “Coronavirus the Musical”. We hope you enjoy this generally satirical look at 2020, with the occasional almost non-controversial offering (e.g. “Man Up, Mask Up, Protect Another Life’ in Act 3 – ah, hold on, what about the Mask-Haters? – well they should certainly hear what this song has to say).

We have recorded the songs for this CD – also available on USB. This was done in a socially distanced manner, recording one singer at a time.

CD / USB – Brexit’s a Musical Trick

Click the links below to hear excerpts from the songs in the Covid MusicalOr click here to see Leon Berger, Mike Cashman, Helga Perry, Hilary Cashman and Zena Wigram chatting with Peter Cook about making this Musical, including some extracts of several songs.
(Click the link and scroll down to “I Don’t Beg Pardon“)

Act 1 (Preparation)

Boris has got a Little List / Mikado – I’ve got a little list
Who is dispensable?
(As a treat to get you started, we have included fully 3 of the 5 verses of this song as a sample)

Stay in Your House or Flat / Men in Black
The instructions are clear. But will people obey them?

Ill with Covid / “Ill Wind” (Flanders & Swann) ** as featured in ‘Sixteen Million Rising’ online radio
Boris Johnson has mislaid his strategy. Has anyone seen it ?

Interlude A – Lock Down Shakespeare

Here is not just an extract, but the entire half-minute “Lockdown Shakespeare” play, as a sample.



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Act 2 (Expedition)

The Ballad of Dom and Bojo / The Ballad of John and Yoko
How Boris Johnson made himself ill, and what happened next

Barnard Castle – Dom’s Ditty ** as featured in ‘Sixteen Million Rising’ online radio
A traditional Durham folk song. The version on CD has some percussion and a whistle tune added

I Don’t Beg Pardon, I’m Talking B*ll*cks from the Rose Garden / I beg your pardon, I never promised you a Rose Garden
That famous “Tell All (Well, Almost All)” session in the Downing Street Rose Garden

Interlude B – Lockdown Shakespeare


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Act 3 (Prevention)

Things that Will Astonish You / Sentry Song – Iolanthe
MPs forced-march around Westminster

Man Up, Mask Up, Protect Another Life / Get Up, Stand Up
Our serious attempt to encourage mask-wearing

A song of idiotic prejudice / A song of patriotic prejudice: The English the English the English are best (Flanders & Swann)
The original world-beating UK system nearly worked on the Isle of Wight.

Heroes, just for One Day / Heroes
Teachers can be heroes until they need to self-isolate again. Be Alert.

Interlude C – Adapted Shakespeare

When Shall we Three Tweet Again? / When Shall We 3 Meet Again?
Truss, Gove and Patel scheme to take advantage

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Act 4 (Distraction)
Recapping on the Distraction and understanding how we got here and what happens next

Brexitian Fantasy / Bohemian Rhapsody
The original fantasy

I’m just a girl who cain’t say go / I’m just a Girl who Cain’t Say “No”
(The song dates from an earlier year, but the matters considered leave a long shadow into 2020)

Onward Brexit No-Dealers / Onward Christian Soldiers

Port-A-Loo / Waterloo

Britannia Waives the Rules / Rule Britannia

Interlude D – Lock Down Shakespeare



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Act 5 (Congestion, Reflection, and Reward of the Undeserving)

The Virus Cometh / The Gas Man Cometh (Flanders & Swann)
The changing strategy

The Archers Comment  / Barwick Green
An English country song reflecting on the omnishambles

Lords of Delight / Transport of Delight
Rewards for the Tory friends

Kent Convoy / Convoy

Public Inquiry Nightmare / Iolanthe – nightmare song
Looking forward to the Public Inquiry. Keep looking.

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