CROWDFUNDER EXPIRY: We are now past the closing date of our Crowdfunder. The Crowdfunder is closed.
We will keep this page on the website and will use it for any future crowdfunders.

Even though the crowdfunder is closed. we have made the decision to keep the price for the CDs low, to make them as widely available as possible. Each CD will be available for £10 retail (plus post and packing) .

To buy the books and CDs, please click here . If you have any questions please use our Contact form,

Why but our books & CDs and support our project?
All profits from this will go to coronavirus charities – initially Disasters Emergency Committee. ( “I earn nothing from this work personally” – Mike Cashman)
And so:
– support the right to satirise the actions of the government, at a time when most public protest is shut down
– support yourself with a morale-boosting “Listen party” or even sing-along (online?)
– support your chance for a bargain ; we can only offer the 3 books plus 2 CDs package for the amazing £25 rate before publication, but it’s a great bargain if you grab your chance now (Retail price over £40 for this)
– support your gift list; one of our packages could be just what is needed for any “Difficult to buy for” friends or relatives, or a book or CD might be good for your Secret Santa preparations (looking ahead!)
– support personal challenge – who could you give this to with a cheeky smile ? And maybe it might up conversations that have closed down?
– support the Arts – our costs are our investment in socially distanced musical production, together with copyright licensing via the Performing Rights Society to use music that is in copyright
– support coronavirus charities – see the link

But Hurry ! -if you want to catch a pre-publication bargain, currently 3 books and 2 CDs for £25 pledge (or you can have it on USB instead of CD) – This is a pre-publication offer only – expires imminently

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