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Featured Event – Brexit Isn’t Working – Protest at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester on October 2nd

We’re supplying a number of cameo videos to The Facts About Brexit and for the Manchester protest referenced below – here is their introduction to the work.
‘ On the occasion of an important regional and national protest at the Manchester Conservative conference, led by Manchester for Europe and Grassroots for Europe, the social media messaging platform Facts about Brexit is proud to bring you a set of specially compiled cameo messages from campaigning author, producer and blogger Mike Cashman, a sampler of his widely followed platforms on the Youtube channel Britannia Waives the Rules at
and at . These feature extracts from Mike’s full-length Brexit musical “Brexit’s a Musical Trick” which reuses (under copyright licence) every major tune from Les Misérables – and his COVID-19 musical “I don’t beg pardon, I’m talking bollocks from the Rose Garden” which deploys a more eclectic musical mix ranging from Gilbert and Sullivan to the Archers, Abba, and Men in Black, earning a description as “Very Witty” from Dillie Keane of Fascinating Aida.

Mike’s cameo messages to Manchester are delivered by a number of his much-loved Brexiter characters including Lord Toritori, Mr Curtis Lee-Smugg, as well as The Professor (an archaeologist from a far future time) and feature the debut of Sir Dimly Krupt. Mike uses comedy as a non-confrontational space to engage with the ideas and opinions of those who may now be, or may once have been minded to support or accept Brexit. Along with humour there is passion, including Mike’s unapologetically Churchillian oration on the national duty to fight and reverse deceit in politics, however long it may take.’

Here are the conference videos
Sir Dimly Krupt welcomes delegates

There is an upbeat news item to kick off: Foreign Secretary signs unprecedented new agreement

Lord Toritori provides an update on Brexit

Mr Curtis Lee-Smugg aims to be more upbeat

Mike Cashman interrupts proceedings to ask “When Will Brexit End?”

Mr Curtis Lee-Smugg responds: Let’s try to avoid simplistic three-word slogans like “Brexit isn’t working”!

Lord Toritori is feeling more positive about Brexit now that the purpose may be discovered

Mike Cashman has an entirely serious question: how do we respond to government lies? (11-minute video, no punches pulled ; fasten your seat-belts and see the YouTube link)

Meanwhile Lord Toritori advises on coping with difficult times: put more acreage down to vegetables and work harder

Ancillary support is also available for troubled Tory MP from a new support charity, Decent Tory Rescue.

More upbeat news : a tempting new incentive scheme for European HG drivers.

And finally: The Professor (in a far-distant time) tries to understand the Tori-Man species and work out what the Manchester conference was about

Booking Events – eg the Brexit Story in verse &/or singalong

Some ideas are shown but you can specify what you’d like to see!

Do you need ideas for your event? Some options ..

The Brexit and Covid Musicals

The Brexit story in verse and singalong
From the initial “Brexitian Fantasy” through to the determination that “Failure Doesn’t Matter in the Past”, Mike Cashman has chronicled the Brexit progress in laugh-out loud verse. This has extended to a full Brexit Musical based on “Les Misérables” He can share a selection of these verses (and recording of pro singers too) according to audience interests .
Flexible duration, Q&A welcome, and can be directed by audience interests, with optional singalong. Can be combined with other sessions.

The Covid-19 story in verse and singalong
Mike spotted the initial UK Covid planning – apologies to Flanders & Swann – “I once had a virus, I tried to ignore it, And go like before to the pub and the shop., Let’s say we’ve a strategy, we were all for it -To kill off some old folk and then it would stop.” He encouraged home isolation and mask-wearing (“Man Up, Mask Up, Protect Another Life” ) and anticipated the Second Wave with a suitable song,. Barnard castle was very well covered – “I Don’t Beg Pardon, I’m Talking B*ll*cks from the Rose Garden” , “Dom’s Ditty”, “Stand By Your Dom”. He can share a selection of these verses (and recording of pro singers too) according to audience interests .
Flexible duration, Q&A welcome, and can be directed by audience interests, with optional singalong. Can be combined with other sessions.

Just Mike – or Mike and friends

Serious, Satire, or a bit of both ?
Mike is known for having a unique angle on our politics, serious and satirical, ranging from questions such as “Why can the EU get Brexit Done but the UK cannot?” to “The Comedy of Brexit”.

He can also be joined by characters giving their own view on our situation, such as Lord Toritori, Mr Curtis Lee-Smugg, Sir Dimly Krupt, and the Professor from a time well into the future with a particular interest in Tori Man. All of these visitors can if desired give short speeches explaining their views but are also ready to take audience questions. They would be happy to join Mike on a panel for audience Q & A

The Art of Comic Song Parody – interactive workshop

Devise your own parody songs
A lively session on the challenges of comic parody song, illustrated by reference to songs from “Brexit’s a Treat not a Trick?”, “Brexit’s a Musical Trick”, or “I Don’t Beg pardon”
Mike will discuss some principles of the emotional tone of the parody, as well as exploring the practical task for the parody poet. Then volunteers – or everyone – can help to create their own comic parody song with Mike’s guidance, working in small or large groups. The resulting lyrics can be your copyright property once it is written.

All events can be run online or face to face . The events can be combined. We make no claim that our material is “balanced”!
We recommend that attendees have at least one of our books or CDs, but this is not a requirement !

Mike Cashman is an experienced facilitator in four continents.

Context can be mixed and matched according to the needs of your event.

For charitable or public service events, we will waive any fee and ask only for reimbursement of travel expenses, as long as we can bring our books and CDs for sale to attendees (autographed if desired).
No charge for online events.

Contact us about running any of these events

Currently we do not retain your data as entered above after the booking has been fulfilled (or the request cancelled).

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