Audio clips and Links for Peter Cook


  1. One day More
One day More

Q2 Lovely Tax Breaks

Lovely Tax Breaks

Q3 We Know what we’re voting for

We Know what wer’e voting for

Q4 Failure Doesn’t Matter in the Past

Failure doesn’t matter


Empty Houses empty benches (Youtube)

I dreamed a dream (YouTube)



Where the whole song is provided, a couple of verses probably fine for interview

Q8 Leon – Flanders & Swann connection
A song of idiotic prejudice (“Our system our system our system is best” )

A song of idiotic prejudice

Ill with Covid (I once had a virus i tried to ignore it”

Ill with Covid

Lords of Delight ( 3-minute song on YouTube, a couple of verses ok for interview

Dramatic sketch with Patel, Truss and Gove

When shall we three tweet again (Youtube) Predicts Priti Patel bullying report)


Onward Brexit No-Dealers (the whole song is on YouTube – a couple of verses would be ok)

Q9 Britannia Waives the Rules (YouTube) –

Q10 “Man Up Mask Up Protect Another Life” – to encourage mask-wearing among BAME community)

Man Up. Mask up.. protect another life


Kent Convoy (sampled last week)

Kent convoy

Portaloo (sampled last week))

Archers Comment

Stay in Your House or Flat

Stay in Your House or Flat (whole song is on YouTube )

Q12 Public Inquiry Nightmare

Public Inquiry Nightmre
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