It’s My Party and I’ll Lie If I Want To

“It’s My party and I’ll Lie if I Want to” front cover and spine
“It’s My party and I’ll Lie if I Want to” back cover and spine

Why this book?

The absurdities and contradictions of our politics first motivated me, in 2016, to highlight them in song. Four books and two musicals on CD later the absurdities and contradictions continue and so the satire continues.
I have teamed up with the wickedly funny and immensely talented Augusta Lees for this book, and for the first time we include more than 100 QR codes, where we have videos, to take you straight from the page to a video of the song (mostly by Augusta, but also including vocals by Leon Berger, Pat Hart and Carole Williams) or of the sketch (featuring characters such as Lord Toritori and Mr Curtis Lee-Smugg).

In paperback – published 21 September 2022

The Full Contents

♪ Book includes link to a sung recording

⸎ Book includes link to a spoken recording

Our Leaders 

Prime Minister of all UK ♪  

I Will Survive…Meanwhile at Melania’s ♪  

The Donald Went Down to Georgia ♪  

When We Break Up (Oyster Snack) ♪ 

Time is Running Out ♪  

Prime Minister’s Voicemail ⸎   

Another Aide Bites the Dust ♪  

Rishi, Rishi, Rishi, Rishi ♪  

How Does He Survive? ♪  

You Shalt Have a Hissy ♪  

Edward Leigh ♪  

Fancy Dress Liz Truss ♪  

Gavin’s Hard Work ♪  

Hey Rishi ♪  

Our Pandemic 

Twelve Days of Lockdown ♪  

Vaccine ♪  

This Christmas ♪  

Where’s Chris Whitty? ♪  

Oh Shingles, Shingles ♪  

Should He Stay, or Should He Go? ♪  

Mad World  ♪  

Boris Bonka and the Variant factory ⸎   

I’m B16, B1617 ♪  

Don’t Cry for Them Matt and Gina ♪  

We Don’t Have No Mitigations ♪  

Covid’s in the Air ♪  

When the Covgiants Came ⸎   

Come Fly Mask Free ♪  

Hey, Hey ♪  

Their Corruption 

With No Tender ♪  

PPE Procurements – Lord Toritori’s Call  ⸎   

Once More Unto the Lobbies 

The Twelve Days of Tories 

Come Fly MP ♪  

Rule Breaker ♪  

Terms And Conditions For Prime Minister’s Questions  ⸎   

Blackmail of His MPs ♪  

The People’s Protest  ♪  

Loser ♪  

Bang a Gong, Get Johnson Gone ♪  

Their Brexit – Going Well? 

Sitting in What’s Left of UK 

Lord Toritoi’s assessments 

Brexit is Going Fine ⸎   

Sovereign Tea ♪  

Lord Toritori  on Brexit and Football ⸎   

Brexit Enabled our Clubs to Break Free from European Super League ⸎   

More from Lord Toritori ⸎   

A Simple Guide to the Benefits Of Brexit Report ⸎   

More from Mr Curtis Lee-Smugg ⸎   

Lord Toritori – Finding Out What Brexit Was For ⸎   

The Festival of Brexit 

The Brexit Game ⸎   

Their Brexit and its Impact 

Everybody Was Kung Fuel Fighting ♪  

Close to Poo ♪  

Brexit Human Impact Scale ⸎   

Bye Bye EU  

The Army Greengrocer 

This Septic Isle  ⸎   

Stuck In the M20 queue ♪  

The Shit Hits the Fans  ⸎   

World King Boris and the Quest for the Sacred Benefits of Brexit ⸎   

For The Leaders – So where do you go to with Brexit? 

Still There in Downing Street? 

Nadine ♪  

SpAd Day ♪  

Keir Starmer ♪  

Toy Soldiers ♪  

I Have No Confidence ♪  

Tory Criminals ♪  

Sex Pests and Liars ♪  

Their Parties 

It’s My Party, and I’ll Lie if I Want To, ⸎   

It’s His Party and He’ll Lie if He Wants to ♪  

Apologise ♪  

BYOB ♪  

Boris the Liar  ♪  

Questionnaire Tonight ♪  

Tory Cakes ♪  

Where Is Sue Gray? ♪  

Who Let Rees-Mogg Out? ♪  

Red Wine ♪  

Nobody Told Me ♪  

Happy Birthday  ♪  

Sue Gray, Sue Gray  ♪  

How Much is That Doggie in the Window? ♪  

It Was a Fine Day ♪  

ABBA Tory Party Megamix ♪  

Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word 

Sue Gray, No Fear ♪  

Send In More Clowns 

Send in the Boris Clowns 

We Need Net Zero ♪  

When the Going Gets Tough ♪  

Non-Dom ♪  

Rwanda ♪  

The Sword of Truth Meets a Brave Knight…and Cuts His Limbs Off ⸎   

Susanna Takes You Down  ⸎   

Land Of Hopeless Tories 

The Pincher ♪  

Tomorrow ♪  

Hit the Road ♪  

Nobody Does It Like Johnson ♪  

Boris Johnson Fantasy 

Sunak or Truss 

U-Turns ♪  

Recession ♪  

Rishi Hood ♪  

Get Back Bojo ♪  

Waterfalls ♪  

At the River ♪  

Stuck in This Midden of Poo ♪  

You’re The One That I Want ♪  

Tory Cargoes 

A Righter Shade Of Fail

Is there anybody there? ♪  

Yes, I Remember Johnson 

Looking Forward 

Twelve Stars on a Flag  ♪  

Sweet EU Time 

We’re The Rejoiners 

We’ll Be Back In EU  

Don’t Stop Us Now ♪  

French Connections  ♪  

Queen Medley for Rejoin ♪  

We’re Coming Home ♪  

More from Augusta ♪ 


Index of titles 

Index of references to original songs 

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The Authors 

“Brexit’s a Musical Trick” CD / USB  

I Don’t Beg Pardon” CD / USB   

A Selection of Reviews

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