National Rejoin March

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth, the decision was taken to reschedule the National Rejoin March.
Please follow the NRM website for more news via this link

When the National Rejoin March takes place, we have some suggested songs. Here is the first medley, where marchers might like to sing the chorus.

Queen Medley for Rejoin

Inspired by: We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, Flash Gordon.

Augusta: I announced this on the National Rejoin March livestream: Cashman/Lees original just for today. I think you know what’s coming…

Brexit was a ploy, make a big noise,

Taking to the streets, gonna turn it all around someday.

Leave got egg on their face, a big disgrace.

Tearing our banners all over the place.

EU, we will, back you.

EU, we will, back you.

Brexit hits the old man, poor man

Leavers with their lies,

We were robbed and fleeced that day,

We got hope in our face, we’ll state our case,

Waving our banners all over the place.

EU we will back you.

EU we will back you.

‘Cause we’re the Rejoiners, your friends.

And we’ll keep campaigning till the end.

EU we champion. EU we champion.

No time for Leavers, ‘cause we’re the Rejoiners,

Flags unfurled.

Newsflash, ahh, Brexit failed every one of us.

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