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TISWAS star John Asher and ENO’s Leon Berger unite
to record socially-distanced production of Brexit Musical

Star of Seventies Saturday morning kids’ show TISWAS, John Asher, the English National Opera’s Leon Berger and soprano Zena Wigram are just three of the voices to appear on the new recording of satirical musical, Brexit’s a Musical Trick.

Performed under strict social distancing guidelines, the cast of ten singers was recorded one singer at a time before the result was mixed by Ben Chambers of online pro-European radio show, Sixteen Million Rising.

The musical adapts all the major tunes from Les Misérables as political satire and is the brainchild of author Mike Cashman who wrote and published all the parody lyrics.  He says: “I love Les Misérables because it explores some epic themes of truth, commitment and consequences. Brexit’s a Musical Trick is a fictional story of an imaginary country seeking a Brexit from the European Union.  It starts with the character Boris Valboris, who has struggled all his life under the injustice of not being Prime Minister, and who has to decide whether to lie or not in order to achieve his objective. The consequences of this decision reverberate right through the musical, up to the final song and dance between Valboris and Cunnings as they delight in concluding Failure Doesn’t Matter in the Past.”

In the three acts of the musical, Camerine, Theryline and Boris Valboris each play their part en route to that elusive Brexit, interacting of course with Govert, Faragier & Widdy, Blackscot, four blokes with paste-buckets, Laundrette, Corboche, Grievous, Cunnings, Rees-Moggi and many others.

Highlights include:


“Do or Die”

“We Know What We’re Voting For”

“Hasty Referendum”


“At the End of the Day we Have Need of a Leader”

“What Have We Here, oh You Closet Remainer”

“Lovely Tax Breaks”

“Master of the Spiel”

“Leave and Remain – Led by Donkeys”

“One Day More at Chequers”

“A Little Vote of Pain”

“Bring Him in”

“I Dreamed a Dream”

“Empty Houses, Empty Benches”

“There was a Wise Lady who tackled a Lie”

“Help Us Out”
“Aint it a Laugh?”

“Failure Doesn’t Matter in the Past”

Recorded during the Summer, at locations across the UK, the project was a unique challenge for all the participants.  Cashman says: “Ben expertly mixed lines which were all individually recorded, with sound placement, synchronisation sound effects, and mastering, to bring the sound of a full West End musical to your home. You will hear Arline singing against Theryline, blatantly interrupting, but you might not realise that both of these characters are sung by Zena Wigram. Similar dramatic vocal battles are played out in One Day More at Chequers

John Asher who, with Chris Tarrant was part of the original line up for TISWAS, (and was in West End Theatre such as No No  Nanette , and he recorded a hit single Let’s Twist Again) , sings Rees-Moggi, Govert, Blackscot, Corboche, Grievous, two of the blokes with paste buckets, and Cunnings, together with chorus roles. He says: “In what has been an exceptionally difficult year for many working in theatre and television it was a real delight, and a huge amount of fun, to work on this satirical musical.  Recording our performances individually was a unique challenge for all of us because we’re so used to performing and interacting with others on stage or in the studio but recording it with Mike in the room worked well.  He knew plenty of comic effects that he wanted but was also very open to us ad-libbing some more.”

Based on the cast’s work in production the lyrics were then updated, and a new edition of the paperback libretto was released in November.

Early reviews of the CD have been positive:

Cashman is donating all profits from the sale of the CD and the book featuring all the lyrics to the Disasters Emergency Committee which is currently supporting charities tackling covid-19 around the world.

The CD and the book are available from Amazon.


For further press information please contact Mike Cashman by email

Notes to editors–            SYNOPSIS and CD COVER ARTWORK follow below

  1. Viewdelta Press is the trading name of Mike Cashman for publishing purposes
  2. More information at, including book jackets for the books and extracts from the songs.
  3. A full synopsis of the plot of the three Acts of the Musical follows below.
  4. Mike Cashman can be contacted as follows:
    Twitter: @viewdelta
    Skype: mike. cashman2
  5. This is a full-scale musical, e.g. including big chorus songs, recorded socially-distanced, one singer at a time, and then mixed.
  6. Singers include Leon Berger (English National Opera) and John Asher (presented TISWAS with Chris Tarrant).
  7. The most popular tunes from “Les Misérables” are all used on this CD
  8. The book “Brexit’s a Musical Trick” includes 30 more satirical songs, such as “No Deal Wizard”, “Goodbye Speaker’s Green Chair”, “Bridge Over Doubled Borders” and “Any Deal will Do”.  Copies of the book are available for review
  9. The CD and the book are available from Amazon
  10. Mike Cashman has written these political satire song books (and one more dealing with recent events is imminent)
    Brexit’s a Trick, not a Treat (2019)
    Brexit’s a Musical Trick (2019)

There are corresponding Facebook pages and hashtags
Brexit’s a Trick not a Treat            #BrexitsATrickNotATreat
Brexit’s a Musical Trick                   #BrexitsAMusicalTrick


  1. Mike Cashman retired after careers in teaching, IT, project and programme management, and international development. He is an experienced and lively facilitator and trainer of large and small groups.
  2. Mike’s experience includes project management in countries such as Sierra Leone, recovering from the Ebola crisis, and rebuilding in Nepal after the earthquake. He witnessed the direct impact on these projects of the loss of overseas value of sterling as a result of Brexit.
  3. Mike is available to deliver talks on the Art of the Parody, or run parody song-writing workshops.
  4. Mike also writes more serious pieces about Brexit and politics in social media and on
  5. Mike is married with four children and ten grandchildren.


SYNOPSIS of the Musical

Act 1 Camerine

We begin by hearing Boris ValBoris considers his options (“Do or Die”).
(“Can I conceal the truth from everyone? And lead this gang until the vote is done?
And must the cause I did decry, Be just my cause though there’s no ‘why’, Must I lie?”)

The voters start to consider how to vote. They voice their different interests but unite their various concerns (together?) on the line “We Know What We’re Voting For”.  The referendum is held. “Leave campaign from the beginning, made some claims that were not right. But it seems the scores show winning, For the Leave team?
That is right.
But now Dave you left so early; something surely slipped your mind? You forgot implementation. Would you leave this task behind?”

Camerine nonetheless decides to depart, warning his Party as he does so. After a confrontation between ValBoris and Govert, ValBoris rues his wasted chance (“What have I done?”).

Act 2 Theryline

The Torines nonetheless need to have an election (“At the end of the day we’ve a need for a leader”) and Laundrette drops out leaving Theryline as the new leader.

Theryline is caught with the notes for a speech in which she spoke for Remain (“It’s a hell of a speech”), but she tries to persuade Rees-Moggi and the Ergines that she is now on their side (“Well it’s true that I spoke and I spoke as Remainer, But I thought at that time that the Leave team would lose. Now I’ve moved into the Leave gang, no-one should grieve, please accept my excuse”).

They decide to watch her carefully.  Her backers explain the importance of tax evasion. (“Lovely Tax Breaks”). They wear down Theryline’s resistance, but she still holds out for a transition period.

We then meet Faragier, with Widdy; he is making a song and dance about being in charge (“Master of the Spiel”). This seems to have very little to do with what else is going on.

Theryline sings about her destiny (“I saw the polls”) and what else she needs (“Strong and stable”). She reflects with Crosbi on what then goes wrong (“A poll full of votes”). The DUP comes to the rescue.

Theryline plans to “Cut that Corboche down to size”, but the irrepressible Corboche bounces cheekily up. (“They laugh at me because I don’t have number 10 keys. They laugh at me because of low support by MPs. I tell them I have lots of support on the ground. The world is big but Labour people turn it around”). 

The queen is unimpressed by Theryline’s antics. (“Well you’ve buffered up One’s Ascot, One does not think much of that.  One attends but wears One’s mascot, Blue and yellow EU hat”).

Jamesonne, Willeau, Benni and Ollyvert arrive with paste buckets. (“It is time for us all to decide to go wild. Do we fight for the right to a night with a paste bucket now? Have you asked of yourselves What’s the price they may pay? It’s not simply a game for 4 Remainers to play. The colour of these boards Is changing day by day.”).

People march and sing seeking a Final-Say. (“Do you see the people March?”)

Theryline feels she has a plan with redlines; Tories head off to Chequers. In a dramatic interaction ValBoris and his pal David Davine consider how much longer they can stand Theryline (“One Day More” is their conclusion).

But Theryline keeps looking to the stars and achieves her Deal (“585 page agreement”) even if ValBoris and his pal will fall. “) .

Theryline is wounded in an attack (“A little vote of Pain”). ValBoris is by her side.(“You think you’ll live Ther’line, I think I’ll shove, As you are in the job which still I’d love.”) and Theryline dies, but her soul leaves her body to run through fields of wheat.

ACT 3 Boris ValBoris

Gavini carries in a mute and apparently inactive ValBoris (“Bring him in”) and sits him on a chair as the new leader. Rees-Moggi is joined by some Backers, some of them Russian, and they sing (“Help us Out”) to ValBoris, who promises “We will be out by Autumn”. ……

Camerine makes a surprise return to sing a sad refrain (“I dreamed a dream”, realising “But there are dreams that cannot be”).

Mr Grievous returns to bemoan that Parliament is not sitting (“Empty House and Empty Benches”). However, this question is taken to a Wise Lady by Lord Pannini QC (“There was a wise lady who tackled a lie – A lie to the Queen with never a sigh. The lie will die.”)

We meet Cunnings however who is quite amused by events

“Ain’t it a laugh? Hey this is real. You missed your chance, To do a Deal.”

Events then move on towards their conclusion. “Ain’t it a Laugh” we are told again by the leader and his assistant. “Failure Doesn’t Matter in the Past”

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